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mardi 11 décembre 2018

Kitten Escapes Pet Store Display To Meet Its Lonely Dog Friend

A kitten and a puppy were separated by an ‘invisible barrier’ at JoLinn Pet House, a pet store in Taiwan. Is this the modern Romeo and Juliet? Without the dreadful part, of course. It seems the brave kitty couldn’t bear another moment away from its pupper friend, so it took it chance and made for a sweet escape to be with the lil doggo.

Seeing the feline friend’s immense effort, the puppy couldn’t help but wiggling its tail with excitement. It seems a plastic barricade is not enough to stop the two from being together. However, this also shows an unpleasing fact that these animals lacks affection at such young age. We’re hesitate to say “Adopt. Don’t shop” here because who knows what would happen to those who fails to find a home…

This tiny kitten at a pet store in Taiwan couldn’t stand being separated from its friend.

So it jumped from its booth.

As the kitten was uneasily balancing over the booth, the pup couldn’t hold its excitement.

All that was left was one last brave jump…

… and the two friends were finally together!

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